BMP180_CalibCoefficients Struct Reference

BMP180 Calibration coefficients. More...

Data Fields

int16_t s16AC1
 Calibration coeff. AC1.
int16_t s16AC2
 Calibration coeff. AC2.
int16_t s16AC3
 Calibration coeff. AC3.
uint16_t u16AC4
 Calibration coeff. AC4.
uint16_t u16AC5
 Calibration coeff. AC5.
uint16_t u16AC6
 Calibration coeff. AC6.
int16_t s16B1
 Calibration coeff. B1.
int16_t s16B2
 Calibration coeff. B2.
int16_t s16MB
 Calibration coeff. MB.
int16_t s16MC
 Calibration coeff. MC.
int16_t s16MD
 Calibration coeff. MD.

Detailed Description

BMP180 Calibration coefficients.

Definition at line 48 of file BMP180.c.

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