File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
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 Animation.cTamago animation handler
 Animation.hTamago animation handler
 BMP180.cDigital pressure sensor driver
 BMP180.hDigital pressure sensor driver
 Clock.cClock handler
 Clock.hClock handler
 DMD.cDot Matrix Display driver
 DMD.hDot Matrix Display driver
 LifeCycle.cLife cycle handler
 LifeCycle.hTamago life cycle handler
 M24FC256.c24FC256 driver
 M24FC256.h24FC256 driver
 main.cTamago, a clone of the famous digital pet from 1996
 MCAL.cMicrocontroller Abstraction Layer
 MCAL.hMicrocontroller Abstraction Layer
 RTOS.cFreeRTOS callbacks
 System.cSTM32F103C8T6 system initialisation
 System.hSTM32F103C8T6 system initialisation
 Tamago.cTamago main application handler
 Tamago.hTamago main application handler