Animation.c File Reference

Tamago animation handler. More...

#include <stdbool.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include "Animation.h"
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Data Structures

struct  AnimationData
 Animation handler data. More...


static void _AddIconToBuffer (const IconID eID, uint8_t u8IconOffset)
 Add icon to image buffer. More...
void Animation_Init (void)
 Initialise animation handler.
uint8_t * Animation_GetBufferAddr (void)
 Get address of image buffer. More...
void Animation_ShowIcon (IconID eID, bool bShow)
 Show (or hide) icon. More...
void Animation_Set (AnimID eID)
 Set current animation. More...
void Animation_Update (void)
 Update animation buffer.


static AnimationData _stAnimation = { 0 }
 Animation handler private data.
static const uint8_t _au8Icon [48]
 Animated icons. More...
static const uint8_t _au8FrameData [NUM_OF_FRAMES *FRAME_SIZE]
 Tamago animation sprites.

Detailed Description

Tamago animation handler.

Michael Fitzmayer

Definition in file Animation.c.

Function Documentation

◆ _AddIconToBuffer()

static void _AddIconToBuffer ( const IconID  eID,
uint8_t  u8IconOffset 

Add icon to image buffer.

eIDIcon ID
u8IconOffsetIcon offset

Definition at line 3120 of file Animation.c.

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◆ Animation_GetBufferAddr()

uint8_t* Animation_GetBufferAddr ( void  )

Get address of image buffer.

Pointer to image buffer

Definition at line 3036 of file Animation.c.

◆ Animation_Set()

void Animation_Set ( AnimID  eID)

Set current animation.

eIDAnimation ID

Definition at line 3068 of file Animation.c.

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◆ Animation_ShowIcon()

void Animation_ShowIcon ( IconID  eID,
bool  bShow 

Show (or hide) icon.

eIDIcon ID
bShowfalse: hide icon, true: show icon

Definition at line 3048 of file Animation.c.

Variable Documentation

◆ _au8Icon

Initial value:
= {
0b00000000, 0b00000000,
0b10000000, 0b00000001,
0b01000100, 0b00100010,
0b10010010, 0b01001001,
0b00110100, 0b00101100,
0b01011000, 0b00011010,
0b10111100, 0b00111101,
0b11111100, 0b00111111,
0b01111100, 0b00111110,
0b11111110, 0b01111111,
0b10010010, 0b01001001,
0b11111110, 0b01111111,
0b11101110, 0b01110111,
0b01111100, 0b00111110,
0b01010100, 0b00101010,
0b00000000, 0b00000000,
0b00000000, 0b00000000,
0b00001110, 0b00000000,
0b00000010, 0b11110000,
0b00000100, 0b00010000,
0b00001000, 0b00100000,
0b00101110, 0b01000000,
0b10000000, 0b10000000,
0b00000000, 0b11110000

Animated icons.

Definition at line 41 of file Animation.c.