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Tamago たま ご, which means "egg" will be a clone of the famous digital pet from 1996 that uses a P10 LED panel as a display.

This project is built upon BluePrint, a base project for the STM32F103C8T6 aka blue pill board.


  1. Install PlatformIO Core
  2. Run these commands:
# Build project
> platformio run
# Upload firmware
> platformio run --target upload
# Clean build files (optional)
> platformio run --target clean


The documentation can be generated using Doxygen:


A automatically generated version of the documentation can be found here: Documentation


The source code of this software is licenced, unless stated otherwise, under the terms of The Beerware Licence.

Logo icon made by Good Ware from Flaticon.

Tamagotchi is a trademark of Bandai. This project is not affiliated or endorsed by Bandai in any way.